Counterfeiting is a big problem

"REAL" and not "REEL" ! is what a person looks for in a service or a product. In simple words, counterfeit is a way where fraudulent imitation of an original product/service takes place. In today's world counterfeiting has become too common to even recognise. Avoiding such kind of sham has now become effortless. How? Matrix Plus now makes it glib and easy to understand and assists the consumer in recognising which is "REAL" and "REEL".

High Security Hologram Label / Tags

Matrix Plus is a service which also provides authenticated holograms. These holograms when scanned, are genuine and real, which helps the customers to identify the product's actuality. The hologram stickers are in sheet and roll forms which have soft edges. Some anti-counterfeit holograms are made for esteemed clients which mitigates them from brand counterfeit.

Security Labels / Coupons

No matter what an organisation claims about the sticker, it could also mean that the stickers can be fake. Unlike others, we at Matrix Plus, provide palpable graphic stickers helping the client to benefit their brand from counterfeiting whilst sustaining its reputation.

Unique Random Code (QR Code / Number / Text)

Unique Random Code Per Product can be specified as a QR code, barcode, number or a text. Matrix Plus provides this anti-counterfeit solution to their brands and services for better safety purpose which sustain the brand's reputation. These Barcodes, QR codes, Text, or Number contains a Unique Random Code. These codes contain loyalty rewards or points which when scanned are received by users. Talking about the features, there are two:

A. Open (visible to everyone even before purchasing the product)

The Unique Random Code here is not protected by any scratchable material, so the chances of the code been protected are less as compared to the hidden ones but are also safe. Matrix Plus provides you with trustworthy safety measures for your brands.

B. Hidden or protected code

The hidden code means it has protected layer which is scratchable. This adds to the security level of QR codes and Barcodes. Matrix Plus assured backend technology implementation makes these codes genuine and plain sailing. Curated with utmost aegis, Matrix Plus technology anti-counterfeit solutions are one-stop solutions for your brand.