Matrix Plus is the "GO TO" solution in the field of product and brand protection. A one-stop shop for both physical and digital product security. The Plus in our product signifies the "More" Philosophy. Be it the digital identification and authentication, the reward program, loyalty program or track and trace, our product is designed to deliver MORE for today's digital economy.
Our team comprising of the astute business analysts & hardcore tech heads have executed random numbers and variables in form of QR codes printed on carriers like labels, holograms, products and different types of packaging. These QR codes can be scanned by the smartphones and scanners for verification and thus help the consumer to buy the original product. Matrix Plus is equipped with a strong backend team for process analytics.


Founded in 2000, Matrix technologies realized the strong need for protecting brands and original goods from counterfeiting and duplication which was on the peak. We have emerged from three decades of chemicals business spreading our wings to security solutions as one of the leaders in security holograms and allied products. Today we have employed over 100 skilled people and our exports reach over 15 countries, more than 50% of whom are in Asia.
In 2017 we enhanced ourselves to stay innovative and reliable partner for our demanding customers in the future as well. Matrix Plus customers are noted companies in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology, spirits' industry, automobiles, garments & incense. We at Matrix Plus team will be happy to advise you during the development of the right product security strategy.


Deploy the best R & D team to always stay a step ahead of counterfeiting loopholes with future-ready solutions Minimize overall business risk
Create industry benchmarks for customer gratification.


To be at the forefront in eradicating the menace of Counterfeiting. Pioneer solutions & technologies that ensure product transfer from Corporates to Consumer is transparent & authentic.